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Day of the Elephants (Paperback) Click on the book to add to the shopping cart.

Day of the Elephants (Paperback)

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"Day of the Elephants" is the harrowing true story of Roland Deah, by authors Ron Swager and Ed Chinn.

When Roland is a child, civil war breaks out in his native Liberia. Roland's family loses everything, their home, their posessions, their security.  Roland's parents disappear in the maelstrom of a brutal conflict. Improbably, the young Roland survives for years in the jungle despite the deaths of family and friends, unspeakable violence, famine, lethal wildlife and desperate river crossings that cost many lives.

Somehow, Roland survives, grows into adulthood and finds his way to Tucson Arizona, where he met the authors. 

This is a sad story with a happy ending and is richly told.  A great read.  A story that you won't soon forget.